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  • SC/UPC Connetor
  • Specifications

SC Stands for Subscriber Connector- a General Purpose Push/Pull Style Connector Developed by Ntt. Sc Has an Advantage in Keyed Duplexibility to Support Send/Receive Channels.


Low Insertion Loss and High Return Loss
Free-Floating Ceramic Ferrule
UL-Rated Plastic Housing and Boot
Boots in a Variety of Colors
High Precision Alignmentconctor


Local Area Networks (Lans) and Wide Area Networks (Wans)
Fiber Optic CATV, FTTH, Fttb, Fttp etc
Fiber Optic Telecommunication Systems
Transmission Mode (ATM)
Fiber Optic Backbone
Military Instrumentation


-The Connector Can Be Supplied as a Pre-Assembled One-Piece Connector or as Connector Kits.
-Clips Are Available for Sc and LC Duplex Connectors
Housing Kits Without Ferrule Are Available.
-PC, Upc and APC Are Available

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