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   Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year
Originated from :Datolink Ltd    Published time:2/5/2013

According to legend, in ancient China was a monster called "XI", long head, very fierce. Often devour human life. People living in the village, the young and old fled to the mountains to escape the damage of the animals at night.

For this New Year, Peach Blossom Village, Young and old People wanted to move to the mountains. Some windows were sealed shut, and some bags, some sheep and cows everywhere, people are crying, a wave of panic scene. At this time, appred a child , who is out of town, this child grows handsome, beautiful, nice and came to an old part of town asked why panic. The old lady said to this child "XI" will do another chaos, and advised him to flee to the mountains quickly, the child laughs: "Mother ~ My name is" Nian ", I stay home one night I have to put beast "Xi" away. The old saw more closely, to see what extraordinary spirit. But she continued to persuade "NIAN" , he is only laughed! The mother had no choice but to leave the house, came the mountain for retreat.

Middle of the night, "XI" stormed the town. Found to town atmosphere unlike previous years: in the house of the old, the new role big red door, bright candle inside. " Xi "shakes his body, shout out loudly. Glower to his mother in the home for a moment, then barked a flutter in the past. Closing the door, the hospital suddenly heard" Pop Pops "sound and deep fried," XI " trembling, and then can not bring forward. Actually, "XI" are more afraid of red, fire and explode. Currently, the door of the old house, I saw one with a hospital in the Red laughter "XI", scaring the daylights, panicking the outside.

The next day, the evacuation of people and safe return home very surprised to see the town. Until now, the old double take, and hastened to tell people that the promise of "NIAN". The villagers come together in the old house, we saw red paper stuck in the house and the yard is still plenty of bamboo unburned "Pops" explosion inside, some red candles also made with peripheral vision, the people happy the people to celebrate the arrival of good luck, have a new hat to wear new clothes, relatives and friends good wishes. This incident spread quickly through the town, people are aware how to beat expulsion "Xi". Therefore, everyone will have to visit all year round, which is now a "New Year", source (New Year), the years of the plan in the door or window, called New Year images (photos of the child " NIAN ") Beautiful Child, to get rid of" XI "that day is called New Year´s Eve (the origin of New Year´s Eve).

From the eve of every New Year, every household red paste couplets, fireworks, candle lit each household, Parole waiting for the new day. When did this morning, greet wishes to all friends. This custom has spread and became the most solemn festival of the traditional Chinese "New Year".

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