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   G.652 Fiber
G.652 Fiber
Originated from :Datolink Ltd    Published time:2/5/2013
G.652 optical fiber network is now one of the most popular optical fiber on the market, the ITU-T divided into four categories for G.652 fiber.

G.652 is primarily based on the classification of types of fiber 4 and the request PMD attenuation requirements in the 1383nm.

G.652.A fiber used to support G.957 and G.691 maximum rate of STM-16 or 10 Gbit / s maximum transmission distance of 40 km (Ethernet) and STM-256 G.693 used in applications.

Fiber used to support G.652.B speeds up to STM-64 and application of higher bit rate, such as G.691 and G.692, in certain applications, G.693, G.959.1 and some of the STM -256 implementation, need to be considered different or chromatic dispersion tolerance depending on the application.

G.652.C G.652.A is very similar, but allows the wavelength extended from 1360 nm to 1530 nm.
G.652.D G.652.B is very similar, but allows the wavelength range extended from 1360 nm to 1530 nm.

When the revised standard G.652 In January 2003, hoping to improve the characteristics of G.652 fiber, or at least should support 10 Gbit / s long-distance applications, G.652B duty necessary to support 40Gbit / s long-distance applications, began to G 652 B The PMDQ must be less than 0.10ps/km. Later, based on consideration of 40Gbit / s applications mainly in the metropolitan area began 10 Gbit / s transmission systems throughout the 3000 km and covers most applications, so relaxing to 0.20 ps / km.

After adjusting to the various characteristics of the G.652 fiber as follows:

G.652A supports 10 Gbit / s transmission network distance up to 400 km, 10 Gbit / s Ethernet transmission up to 40km, support 40Gbit / s system at a distance of 2 km.
For fiber optic G.652B, the need to support 10 Gbit / s transmission distance up to 3000 km system or more, 40Gbit / s transmission network distance of 80 kilometers.
For the optical fiber G.652C, G.652A basic properties thereof, but the attenuation coefficient at 1550 reduce and eliminate the water absorption peak around 1380nm, that is, the system can operate in the band de1360 ~ 1530nm.
In order to absorb the maximum water fiber can also support G.652B support such applications, the need for maximum water absorption PMDQ fiber makes more stringent requirements, it is necessary to define a new class of optical fiber types , G.652D fiber. As shown, G.652D the optical fiber properties with the G.652B is basically the same, whereas the coefficient of attenuation of the fiber and G.652C the same as the system can operate in the band 1360 ~ 1530nm.

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