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   RJ11 & RJ45
RJ11 & RJ45
Originated from :Datolink Ltd    Published time:1/31/2013

RJ45 and RJ11 are compatible and interoperable?
RJ45 and RJ11 are compatible and interoperable? The answer is undoubtedly negative. RJ11 no international standards, so standards do not require them compatible. In fact, the market would damage the RJ11 plug it into the RJ45 jack.

RJ45 is a common name, refers to the IEC (60) 603-7 standard, the connectors used by the international standard definition of the 8 position (8-pin) modular jack or plug. IEC (60) 603-7 is also the ISO / IEC 11801 cabling standard internationally accepted reference standard for connecting hardware. ISO / IEC 11801 standard requirements on the connection hardware requirements: information outlet connections refer to the physical size of IEC (60) 603-7,8-pin ´RJ45´ standards. Conductor cable termination socket information number is 8. Therefore, the use of 6-pin or 4-pin connector (such as RJ11) from solution is not universal support.

RJ11 usually refers to the 6 position (6-pin) modular jack or plug. This is no international standard connectors and cabling standards in general mentioned. Moreover, the name often used for 4-pin version of the modular connector, which led to confusion. Cabling standards in general, there is no separate reference to ´RJ11´ exposition, all devices must be 8-pin connector. Therefore, RJ11 and RJ45 interoperability and compatibility has not yet written.

The name has been registered on behalf of RJ jack (Registered Jack), is derived from the Bell System´s USOC (Universal Service Ordering Codes, general service classification code) code. USOC is a series of Registered Jack and the connection mode, the system developed by Bell for the user´s equipment connected to a public network. FCC regulations controlling the application for this purpose. FCC (Federal Communications Commission) of the U.S. government released a document defines the RJ11.

RJ11 is used for Western Electric Company (Western Electric Co) connectors developed the generic name. Its shape is defined as the 6-pin connector devices. Formerly known as WExW, where x stands for ´active´, contacts or wire needle. For example, WE6W have all 6 contacts, numbered 1 through 6, WE4W 4-pin interface to use only the outermost two contacts (1 and 6) do not, WE2W use only the middle two pins. For RJ11, sources of information are contradictory; it can be 2 or 4 core 6-pin connector. Even more confusing is that, RJ11 and is not only used to represent the 6-pin connector; it also refers to the 4-pin version.

As the size of the two different (RJ11 pin to 4 or 6, RJ45 8-pin connector for the device), apparently RJ45 plug does not fit RJ11 jack. But in turn, is feasible in the physical (RJ11 plug smaller than the RJ45 jack), which should be fooled into thinking two or able to work together. In fact not the case. Strongly recommended not to RJ11 plug for RJ45 jacks.

RJ11 not an international standard, and its size, into efforts to insert the point of view, and so there is no uniform international standard connector in accordance with design requirements, it cannot ensure interoperability. They even lead to the destruction of both. RJ45 jack, RJ11 plug than the small plastic part on both sides of the plug into the jack will damage the metal needle. Even if it can find in the market is not entirely suitable for RJ45 jacks RJ11 plug is damaged, in fact, the size difference between them will cause the connection to the highly unstable (a small plug may move around inside the jack, causing loose connection).

For these reasons, RJ11 and RJ45 connector compatible devices cannot work. RJ11 plug into the RJ45 jack connections cannot be expected to work well. This may even damage the connecting devices. RJ11 jack, RJ11 plug can only be used, RJ45 plugs for RJ45 jacks.


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